Welcome to the International Islamic Marketing Association (IIMA), the organization at the forefront of the development of the theory and practice of marketing in the Muslim world and beyond. The IIMA aims to give control back to the people and to liberate them from the dictatorship of markets and corporations by working closely with those who envision a better future where consumption is no longer the sole determinant of the quality of our lifestyles.

So, what can we do together to achieve these goals? The IIMA will oversee the development of both thought and practice as we move towards the achievement of these goals and you can join us either as members or as volunteers. We have three types of certified memberships designed for students, professionals, and corporations. We hold conferences all over the world, and we conduct numerous workshops to train new Islamic Marketing and Branding experts. We also publish journals, books, and magazines.

By working with us, you can harness the power of simply being human to improve your personal professional ambitions, your organization's reach to a Muslim market of 1.8 billion consumers and to all other consumers in the world who share our vision of a better tomorrow, and, along the way, alleviate injustices created by current market practices.

Join us today, let us empower the people.

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